FAQ ICF Belgium Prism Awards

Who can submit the application for the ICF Belgium Prism Award 2020?

  • The application can be submitted by an ICF Belgium member or someone holding an ICF Belgium Corporate Pass, provided that at least one ICF certified coach is involved in the coaching program set up by the organisation.

I am not a member of ICF Belgium, but I am a certified ICF coach and I want to nominate one of my clients. What to do?

I am an ICF credentialed coach and a member of ICF Belgium. I have been involved since 2020 in a coaching program implemented in an organization since 2019 (or before). Can I nominate this organization?

  • Yes.

In addition to the application file, are there other documents to be completed later?

  • No, there aren’t.

Who is part of the jury that will evaluate the Belgium Prism Award applications?

  • Jury members are ICF certified coaches residing abroad and members of their local chapter. They are selected to ensure their neutrality and integrity.

What is the role of the coach submitting the application, what is expected of him / her and what advantages could he / she derive from it?

  • We expect the coach to take the initiative or lead the nomination process. The coach obtains information and documents from ICF Belgium to complete the nomination. She / he takes the responsibility of organizing a meeting with the CEO / HRD who can provide the requested answers. At this meeting, the coach and the CEO / HRD review together the various questions asked. The coach completes the online application form.


  • Completing this questionnaire is a great way to evaluate the current coaching program based on measurable facts. This process will identify development points to further enhance the coaching program and its impact. This can only strengthen the collaboration between the coach and his clients / bosses / sponsors.

  • Thanks to the nomination (and possibly the victory), the coach responsible for the nomination will have had a direct impact on the visibility of the organization in the social media, on the sites of ICF Belgium and Corporate HR Awards and during of the ceremony. => Positive impact on the visibility of the coach within the organization.

How long does it take to complete the application?

  • It depends primarily on the size of the nominated organization. For an SME or a startup, the factual information (number of people benefiting from the program, number of coaches involved, ...) are fairly easily gathered. For a large organization, obtaining this data may take some time.

  • We recommend that the coach who nominates the organization plans a one-hour meeting with the HRD or the CEO to interview them on his / her perception of the impact of the coaching program and answer open questions. The coach can write the final text based on these answers.

  • Once the data is collected in the preparation form, send the form to the address

What if I do not have all the information to complete the file?

  • Some information is critical, other pieces of information are intended to be as comprehensive as possible to compare the application to other companies nominated. The more complete the file, the more chances you have to win. If you miss some information that you think is less important, take your chance anyway. The chances of winning the ICF Belgium Prism Award also depend on the strength of the competing files.

Will the winning company participate in the HR Excellence Awards Ceremony?

  • Yes, the winning company will be rewarded during the ceremony and will have to be represented at the ceremony. each nominated organization is invited to buy their seats or a table on the site of the event: http://www.corporatehrawards.com.

My company is not nominated for the prism, can I register for the ceremony?

  • Yes, anyone interested in this prestigious event is invited to visit http://www.corporatehrawards.com for more information and to reserve a seat or table. In addition to the other HR and Corporate HR prizes awarded at the ceremony, it is an inspiring and high quality networking event! You will learn the best practices in HR across the country.

Who can I invite to my table?

  • You can invite anyone from your company interested in the event, one or more coaches actively participating in your coaching program or your best clients. It's a festive event, an opportunity to celebrate the members of your HR department. It is also a high quality networking event. It's up to you to decide who among your employees, your partners or your customers could benefit the most from this opportunity.