Gaëtane Lenain

It all makes sense when you center every decision and each action around your most important core value!

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Berkenhoflaan 2
3001 Heverlee (België)

+32 494 42 70 10

Gaëtane Lenain

Professional Certified Coach

Past President ICF Belgium

A pragmatic approach to coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Scientists or Engineers who want to enrich their leadership style, develop their vision & strategy, improve communication skills and build a High Performing Team!

* Executive & Leadership Coaching - In which area could your business be improved? What can you do to make it happen?

* Entrepreneurs Group Coaching program - To face your many challenges with limited resources, you need inspiration practical ideas and a trigger to jump start your own creativity. This program offers you the experience and feedback from other entrepreneurs while allowing you time to translate these tips into concrete actions adapted to your personal style and situation.  

Team Coaching Program - Authorized facilitator of the worldwide successful model Team DiagnosticTM developped by Team Coaching International. This Methodology yields in average an 20% improvement in team performance! Who couldn't use 20% more clients, 20% more time, 20% more revenue or 20% more happiness at work?

* Career Coaching - Find a job, successfully transfer from Academia to the private sector or creae a personal development plan.

Who Am I? (just a small part of me anyway)

Executive Coach - Former expat - M.Sc. In Astrophysics 

Experiences linked by a passion for people and an infinite curiosity!

* Leadership Coach, I coach Executives to develop their leadership skills. 

* Former Expat, I support my clients to adapt successfully in new conditions. 

* Scientist, I assist my clients to connect the dots and to create a plan coherent with their strengths and their values.

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  • Cyber Coaching
  • Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • Workshop / Seminar
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Personal Coaching = Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
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  • Antwerpen
  • Vlaams-Brabant
  • Limburg
  • Oost-Vlaanderen
  • West-Vlaanderen
  • Waals-Brabant
  • Henegouwen
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