ICF Belgium Prism Award 2019 - For a strong coaching culture in organizations


The Belgian Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) has the pleasure to announce the launch of the very first edition of the ICF Belgium Prism Award, an exclusive prize honoring companies active in promoting coaching in Belgium, and advocating for a strong professional coaching culture!

Thanks to The ARC Group, the winner of the award will be announced during the prestigious Corporate HR Awards ceremony on November 14th 2019.


Quick links: 

- download the application form (preparation of the application)

- fill in the official application form (sending the application)


The nomination process for the first edition of the ICF Belgium Prism Award is now opened!

You are an ICF coach and you have participated in a professional coaching program in Belgium? If so, ICF Belgium invites you to make yourself known!

The 2019 ICF Belgium Prism Award will reward organizations for coaching programs that meet ICF rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture and produce observable and measurable positive impact.

The ICF Belgium Prism Award program is an opportunity for organizations of all sizes and sectors to celebrate their successes and share them with members of the professional coaching world and other corporations or organizations.


You are a coach and would want to nominate a company or organisation active in Belgium for the 2019 ICF Belgium Prism Award ?

The individual nominating a company or organization must be a member of the Belgian Chapter of the ICF. He/she must hold a valid ICF credential. He/she must also have been actively involved, either as an internal or external coach, in the coaching program currently running in the nominated organization. The organization, whether it is public or private, must have offices in Belgium.

By coaching program, we mean:

- either coaching services delivered to employees of the nominated organization by internal or external ICF coaches,

- or training in coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, delivered to staff within the organization. The training must be accredited by the ICF.

In either case, access to coaching or training must be offered within the organization.

*Edit* : The coaching program must have been started in 2018 and still be currently active. (Broadening of the elligibility criteria)


In practice:

Nominations for the ICF Belgium Prism Award will be opened between April 15, 2019 and June 28, 2019. In order to get ready and prepare the application, the form can be downloaded here. This downloadable questionnaire will be used to gather all information necessary to complete your application request. Please note that the questionnaire is in English. Should you need any assistance to fill it in, please contact the Task Force by clicking here.

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We remain at your dispositon should you have any other questions.

Wishing you success!

The 2019 ICF Belgium Prism Award Task Force



For more information about the ceremony on November 14th 2019, please click here.