Catherine Tanneau: Future of coaching and coaching for the future? 

International Coaching Week - 6 May 2021 - Coaching and Companies 

10.00 – 10.15 : Catherine Tanneau (EN)
Catherine, Executive Master coach and current chair for the ICF Global Board for Professional coaches, will open our event with some insights on the future of coaching in the digital age.
Future of coaching and coaching for the future? 


What will look like the coaching profession at digital age ? 

According to the largest study ever on coaching industry conducted by ICF and PWC just before pandemic and very recently, the coaching profession has grown significantly in the past decades. 

One leader out of 2 has experimented coaching or declare to be willing to do so in a near future, many companies have developed a coaching culture to support their internal transformations and HR and managers have integrated coaching skills in their daily practice. Why such a development ? With an increased demand for purpose, self awareness, and wellbeing among employees everywhere and especially younger generation, coaching can make a significant impact at the individual and collective level by bringing the humanity to the forefront. This has a ripple effect on performance and sustained growth in organizations, communities, and society at large.

Takeaways: - Gain perspective on global coaching in the digital age - understand how to create fruitful return on investment and return on experience


Speaker :

Catherine is the chair of the ICG PC Global Board (2021) and past president of ICF French chapter ; She is also an Executive Coach, MCC, specialized in executive coaching and organizational transformation, co-founder of the digital platform Welead Grow, CEO of Variations International, Dean of Activision Coaching Institute, an ACTP coaching Training Program, Non-Executive Board Director at a NGO the French Foundation for Childhood Protection, at an Industrial international holding company and on digital startups.

As a certified Board Member since 2013, she acts as Non-Executive Board Director for an industrial family company in Luxembourg and for a Non-Profit Organization in France (Foundation for Childhood), she is also permanent member of the Strategic and Digital Committees in startups and and Investment funds.

Catherine is Leadership Professor & Academic Director at HEC Executive Education in Paris, rated #1 business school by Financial Times, and also an author and speaker. She has published a few books out of which the very recent “Coaching for Leaders”, in March 21, in French for now; she is also author of articles and academic publications on leadership, coaching and digital transformation. She is invited as keynote speaker in coaching and leadership events and conferences in France and abroad including China.

Catherine believes in the power of creative vision and of human potential. Having spent more than 16 years abroad, Catherine is multicultural and is fluent in four European languages: French, English, Italian and Portuguese and has recently acquired notions of Estonian as she is based between Paris and Tallinn and works over the 3 continents regularly. Her main coaching specialties are: Executive coaching, Digital transformation and governance.

Publications in French:

  •   « Le Coaching Managers et Dirigeants » Eyrolles 2021 – Anna Gallotti, Catherine Tanneau, Paul Delahaie
  • L’art et la pratique du coahing professionnel VA 2019 – Catherine Tanneau and 15 MCCs 
  • « L’intelligence situationnelle » Eyrolles 2017 - Michel Fiol, Catherine Tanneau, Paul Delahaie & Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous


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