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ICF Belgium is proud to announce the second edition of the  ICF Belgium Prism Award, a prestigious event that will take place in February 2021 in partnership with the Corporate HR Awards and the HR Excellence Awards.

You are invited to nominate a private company or public organization with which you are working as an external or internal coach for this extraordinary award!

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- download the nomination form

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Nomination Process

Nominations will be acepted between October 15 and November 30th at 12pm

In order to prepare the application, as of now you can download the nomination form and other useful resources. 

This file is to be completed by an ICF credentialed coach, member of ICF Belgium, together with the coaching sponsor(s) (e.g. CEO, HR Director, Talent Development Director…). The nomination of an organization is an excellent opportunity to evaluate and improve your coaching program with your client.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information you can officially nominate your client by sending it completed electronically to the e-mail address:  prismaward@coachfederation.be


Elligibility Criteria:

You are a coach and would want to nominate a company or organisation active in Belgium for the 2020 ICF Belgium Prism Award ?

The coach nominating a company or organization must:

  • be a member of ICF Belgium AND
  • hold a valid ICF credential AND
  • have been actively involved, either as an internal or external coach, in the coaching program currently running in the nominated organization.

The organization, whether it is public or private, must

  • have a coaching program in place since January 2019 AND
  • have offices in Belgium.

By coaching program, we mean:

  • coaching services delivered to employees of the nominated organization by internal or external ICF coaches, OR
  • training in coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, delivered to staff within the organization. The training must be accredited by the ICF.

In either case, access to coaching or training must be offered within the organization.


With all our best wishes for success!

The Task Force of the ICF Belgium Prism Award 2020.



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Did you know...?

...That ICF Belgium is developing a program specifically tailored to HR representatives and leaders/managers using coaching skills: the Corporate Pass. For more information, feel free to contact us: corporatepass@coachfederation.be