This Tuesday, May 14th 2024, we welcomed Éric Charles, coach in semiotics for executives and managers and Emma Oliveira, coach for executives and managers, clinical psychologist, for an event dedicated to NEUROSCIENCES, as part of International Coaching Week 2024 which takes place from May 13 to 19, 2024.

The International Coaching Week is an opportunity for coaches from around the world to organize numerous events addressing varied, current topics with the aim of evolving and growing together within the ethical values and skills of ICF. These events are organized to advance our members either in their obligations with regard to their accreditations, or to understand coaching in the changing world (Diversity, Business Transformation, Neurosciences, Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence).

To celebrate coaching week together in Belgium, the members of ICF Belgium gathered in Brussels for an event to address developments in Neuroscience: identifying the different parts of the brain, their functioning, the role of hormones, inhibitors, blockers on our behaviour but also the implementation of certain automatisms.

This presentation is based on the research work of Jean Timar (researcher in human sciences and behavioural biology, 97 years old, more than 60 years of research) on a semioticapproach. Jean Timar has created a tool which is based on algorithms, and which transcribes quite precisely the different aspects of a person's behaviour. The studies on this subject are breathtaking, particularly in France and the USA.

It is obvious that two hours are not enough to cover these very complex and vast subjects, nevertheless, it is with great dexterity and perfect knowledge of the subject that our speakers were able to transmit this fascinating information.

Science has evolved a lot regarding our knowledge of this fascinating organ that is the brain. It is obvious that as a coach, understanding the functions of the brain and its influence on behaviour facilitates the practice of coaching. This allows the coach, in particular, to better understand the world of his client but also his own. This understanding improves support, allows you to be more precise, faster and more efficient in order to achieve the defined coaching objectives.

This event allows participants to obtain 2 development and skills points (Cceu’s). These points are essential in the process of renewing an ICF accreditation, for example, because they also demonstrate that the coach continues to train and develop his knowledge.

Before diving into the heart of the matter, our president, Pascale Perard, explained to us the role of ICF, the mission of ICF Belgium as a local chapter, but also the work of the ambassadors and the members of the Board who dedicate their time to be able to organize events and benefit members.

ICF Belgium is actively looking for new volunteers: a treasurer, but also new ambassadors, because we aim to have an effective organization, rich in ideas and present for all its members. If this interests you, do not hesitate to contact us.


Join us for these face-to-face events, they are meant for you, and you will not be disappointed! We end our events with a friendly drink and in a cordial and welcoming atmosphere. We are waiting for you there !!!