8 Core competencies
Competencies to be a coach

To be a coach, one must honour and promote certain criteria and specific requirements when in contact with partners. The accreditation process of the International Coach Federation (ICF), our head office, has highlighted the 8 key skills that should be possessed by everyone who wishes of becoming a coach.


Demonstrates Ethical Practice

Understands and consistently applies coaching ethics and standards of coaching


Embodies a Coaching Mindset

Develops and maintains a mindset that is open, curious, flexible and client-centered


Establishes and Maintains Agreements

Partners with the client and relevant stakeholders to create clear agreements about the coaching relationship, process, plans and goals. Establishes agreements for the overall coaching engagement as well as those for each coaching session.


Cultivates Trust and Safety

Partners with the client to create a safe, supportive environment that allows the client to share freely. Maintains a relationship of mutual respect and trust.


Maintains Presence

Is fully conscious and present with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident


Listens Actively

Focuses on what the client is and is not saying to fully understand what is being communicated in the context of the client systems and to support client self-expression


Evokes Awareness

Facilitates client insight and learning by using tools and techniques such as powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy


Facilitates Client Growth

Partners with the client to transform learning and insight into action. Promotes client autonomy in the coaching process.