International Coach Federation

ICF is a nonprofit organization formed by individual members who are global professionals serving as business or career coaches. Today, it is the largest international association of coaches.

Indeed, it brings together more than 30,000 members in 132 countries. More than 23,000 members hold a credential as certified coach.

In 2006, ICF Belgium was chosen as organizer of the European Coaching Conference, gaining international recognition, confirmed in 2010 by ICF World with the ICF Belgium charter.

ICF Belgium was created in 2002 with a triple objective


Growing the number of professional coaches, trained and certified.


Promoting the profession and fostering the professional networks and contacts among its members.


Supporting the members in the development of their careers.


The main objectives of ICF

ICF Belgium's mission is to become "the Home of coaches from every sector". For this purpose, ICF has worked very hard for recognition of the coaching profession and its impact on individuals, organizations and society.


To better define the coaching profession in Belgium based on the ICF World guidelines.


To be recognized as a quality label to maintain the confidence of customers and members, on objective, rigorous and professional criteria



To form a professional coaches' community to share, develop and advance the profession.


To promote and defend the coaching profession in Belgium and Europe, with target audiences and public authorities.


To strengthen relationships with organizations having similar objectives across the world.


To stimulate, support, organize all initiatives which may contribute to the development of values, principles and coaching techniques.


To contribute to community development, to evolve through participation in community projects.


To get involved in academic and scientific research projects aimed at developing the coaching profession.


Adhering to ICF is to adhere the values that it promotes. All ICF members share, defend and support these values. In addition, they respect the ICF's Professional Conduct code.

All new members accept the disciplinary rules and organization ethics. These are aligned with the existing rules in the International Coach Federation context which are adapted to Belgian and European contexts.

  • Humanism: openness to others, mutual respect, interest in diversity, humility
  • Ethics: ethical integrity and behavior, continuous learning and development
  • Professionalism, flexibility
  • Passion and pleasure : humor, innovation, enthusiasm, dynamism
  • Responsibility : commitment, contribution, sharing, abundance and wealth