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Follow this link and you will find all the information about ICF certification. At the bottom of each page you can set a language choice.
"If you registered in advance and your presence at the event was listed, then you have the right to the CCEU's for that event. To retrieve the certificate: 1. As a member: login and go to your profile and find in the list of events the event in which you were registered ; at the right you'll see a ""Download"" button. Click here to download your certificate 2. If not Member: visit the home page of our website and search by using the filters the event where you were present. Click on ""more information"" to open the event. At the bottom right you'll find a field where you can enter your email address with which you have registered. Enter your email address and click on send. Follow the indicated instructions."
"On the home page click on"" become a member """". 1. Complete the form, at least with all the required fields (*). 2. Then click on ""sign up"". 3. Then, go to your emails and confirm your email address. You will be directed to the website again and you will see your name appear in the top right. 4. Click on your name and your dashboard will open. 5. Click below on your dashboard on ""manage subscription""and follow the instructions. 6. Choose a membership type: full member, corporate pass (only for internal coaches of partners), student pass (one-time only for students of a coaching school). 7. Enter the payment and your membership is finalized. 8. Your profile is checked and approved. Only full members canappear in the Coach Directory and can create articles and events."
" Whether your training is eligible to become a member of the ICF or not, follow this link and follow the instructions At the end of the page you can choose the language of presentation."""
"With this link you can learn if you want to become a professional coach choose ""Coach Education"" in the filter With followinglink you will find professional coach training programs https:// below page click on ""Check database"""

Only members of ICF Belgium are included in the list of coaches on our website. To become a member please follow this link

And through this link you have the benefits of a membership at ICF Belgium at a glance

We are a federation and as such we do not provide trainings. Many coaching schools in Belgium are member of ICF Belgium. To find these schools follow this link

And you will find coaching schools with their programs