Throwback: ICF Global Chapter Connect - pilot edition ICF Belgium-ICF Chicago

November 29th, ICF Belgium was elected for the pilot of a new initiative, coming from the U.S.A.: the 'ICF Global Chapter Connect'.
Our members form ICF Belgium got the chance to learn from their fellow ICF Chicago members.
Online, we shared our points of view on the theme 'Embracing coaching across cultures' and connected with each other.
Before they were invited to go into the breakout sessions, Philippe Rosinski shared his experience and thoughts on promoting mutual understanding and genuine connections for creativity, sustainable growth and flourishing. 
We experienced a very positive and open spirit among all participants. 

Some of their feedback:

“I am aware of high energy in this collaboration.”

“Humble approach, I have really loved this"

" Opportunity to learn from each other"

“Be curious, genuine and without judgement when looking at intercultural differences.”

"Love the reminder that cultural differences can appear between generations, and other environments. Not necessarily in international environments”

“Continous learning - working with all 8 ICF core competencies,  ‘I wonder’ attitude"


We wish this new initiative all the success and happiness in the future!
Watch a 15' teaser here:

With great thanks to:
Dr. Les Joynes (initiator), Philippe Rosinski (keynote speaker), the presidents of both chapters: Gaetane LenainPascale Perard and Sheryl Shields, PCC, the ICF members of Chicago and our Belgian members, present.