The 3 Brain Connection -The missing link for long lasting coaching results !


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The 3 Brain Connection -The missing link for long lasting coaching results !

What is the uniqueness of this 3 Brains Coaching program? 

As we all are aware, 90% of our decisions/actions are orchestrated by our subconscious. The art of coaching includes working with this perceived “black box” to assist our client in long lasting change and development instead of providing quick fixes. 

How can our client access this “black box” that is acting subconsciously? 

Asking questions is key and not enough!

Understanding and speaking the language of the Head, Heart, and Gut Brain provides that critical information to coach our clients to make long lasting change.

We can assist our client on the level where the solutions are, and bypass their critical thinking with all the "yes, but ..." responses.

Learning the language of the 3 Brains will enable you to coach your clients toward dramatically improving the quality of their decisions, enhance stress management and boost resilience sustainably.

Explore the Head – Heart – Gut Connection! Discover:

1.  How our 3 brains are in charge of our emotions and decisions and consequently of our health and wellness

2.  How alignment of the 3 Brains improves health and well.-being

3.  Your personal brain dominant using the online « 3 Brains preference test»

Christoffel Sneijders is an accredited ICF PCC, Professor of behavioural organisational leadership at the IE Business School Madrid, Business coach/trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and Master in NLP, Founder of the Peal Academy and 3 Brains Coaching. Author of « How MEN & WOMEN FIT, finally understand your partner with The 3 Brains theory”.

He has more than 30 years experience in line management, consultancy, international training and executive coaching. He has worked with more than 10.000 people world-wide.

Christoffel challenges the limiting beliefs and values stored in our Brains that stop us from moving forward and believes in integrating Head, Heart and Gut to enhance the conditions where positive change can happen for both individuals and organisations.

ICF Belgium

Présenté par Christoffel Sneijders ICF PCC Founder of the Peal Academy and 3 Brains Coaching

Quand ? Le 6 sept. 2021
De 18:30 à 22:30

Où ? B1140 Brussels
Avenue Jules Bordet 13

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