Sandra Vanhaeverbeek & Laurence Jamotte : How to deploy a coaching and feedback culture in an organisation?

International Coaching Week - 6 May 2021 - Coaching and Companies 

15.15 – 15.55 : Sandra Vanhaeverbeek & Laurence Jamotte (EN)


Sandra & Laurence will present the deployment of a new coaching and feedback culture within the Federal Pension Service. 
They will present the "as is" and "to be" situation of an administration concerned with its performance, both in terms of tasks (the fulfilment of public service missions) and in terms of relationships and people. 
They will develop how they go about valuing what is most precious to us: our employees and our customers. 
It will therefore be a question of  potential development, talent and motivation and also of co-construction, co-creativity and co-responsibility. 
They will explain their starting point, their initial intentions, the steps, the successes and the many challenges still to be overcome. 
They will also talk about how their different perspectives, their varied approaches and their distinct roles make a difference and bring complementarity and autonomy to the organisation. 
They will then reflect on the ex-portability of their experience. 
To conclude, they will share their respective visions on this mission of cultural transformation during a question and answer session with the participants.


Speakers :

Sandra Vanhaeverbeek is a certified coach (MCC accreditation pending), HR interim manager specialised in organisational development and design, and strategic business partner.
Sandra Vanhaeverbeek has a degree in communication and is an ex-radio journalist who has found her balance and passion in the development of organisations and the people within them. It is precisely this taste for relationships and people combined with a genuine interest in business that has enabled Sandra to practice her profession as a human resources consultant and coach with impact and authenticity for more than 10 years.
Sandra has a wide range of experience in a number of sectors and companies of all sizes.

Laurence Jamotte is HR project manager & Expert in Organisation & Leadership Development at the Federal Pensions Service (federal public sector - Belgium), Career coach and Teamcrafting facilitator, trained in coaching (ACTP programme), Transactional Analysis, Non Violent Communication, NLP technician.
After studying communication and international relations, Laurence Jamotte started her career in the public sector in 2000. 20 years later, she continues to be involved and to develop projects aimed at organisational performance and talent development. Gradually, she has introduced new forms of support for employees, teams and managers in her organisation and has trained herself in different approaches to support her peers directly in the field, while building partnerships with the outside world.  

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